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Content of advertisements:

French Locations wishes to make it clear that we are not able to visit the properties listed individually, nor do we have any control over the amount of rent charged by the property owners.
The property descriptions are as supplied to us for inclusion on the website by the owners (or their representative or agent).
French Locations cannot accept responsibility for any errors or misunderstandings made by the owner or tenant in arranging a let.
Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this website, all details are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but should not be relied upon as statements or representations of fact.
 All details are assumed to be correct but may be subject to variation and should be confirmed with the advertisers. It is advisable to visit and view a property prior to making a firm commitment.

All material supplied to French Locations should be accurate and comply with relevant UK legislation (including Trades Description and Consumer Protection legislation). French Locations will make every effort to reproduce faithfully the information and images supplied by advertisers but we will not be held liable for any loss, error or omission on our part.
Advertisers agree to indemnify French Locations against all claims arising out of any misleading or inaccurate information supplied for inclusion.
French Locations cannot be held liable for any loss or damages, however they arise, in connection with advertising on their website.
Where a link to an owner’s website is included, this website must relate only to the property or properties advertised on our website and we reserve the right to withdraw inclusion of links without notice.

Ownership and copyright:

French-Locations.co.uk and French-Locations.com are part of the French Locations Limited group registered in England number 8069871 and is a the registered owner of this website. All information, photos and maps within the site are the copyright property of French Locations Ltd, property owners/agents or any other individuals, companies or organizations who have supplied material for inclusion. Advertisers should ensure they have the right to reproduce any images or other material supplied for the French Locations website and agree to indemnify French Locations against any costs which may arise from infringement of copyright for use of their reproduced material.
The details of the registered properties, or the owners’ names and contact details, may not be used by a third party for any commercial or marketing purposes without the agreement of all parties.

Withdrawal of advertising:
French Locations retains the right to refuse to accept any material submitted for inclusion on their website. In such circumstances if payment has already been made then a refund will be made and any materials submitted to French Locations by post will be returned. In the event that a complaint about a property is received, we retain the right to remove the details from our website until further notice. In such circumstances a pro-rata refund will usually be made for the unused period remaining for the advertisement and French Locations will not be held liable for any further losses incurred due to withdrawal of an advertisement.

Provision of service:
French Locations will endeavour to ensure that the website is accessible at all times. Occasional breaks in service are, however, inevitable and as they will usually be beyond our control we cannot guarantee 100% availability. Users of this website agree to assume all risks associated with accessing sites via the internet and French Locations cannot be held liable for any damage to computers or software incurred via use of our website.

French Locations complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. Any information supplied to us (including names, addresses and contact details) will be used for our own administration purposes in our capacity as intermediary to facilitate the marketing of properties and will not be made available to a third party for any other reason without the express permission of those involved.